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Hi! I am Ravi Teja, an Architect turned UX designer, currently pursuing a master's in HCI at Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis. I've always had a passion to 'create' which led me to pursue architecture. Having worked across multiple design fields for over 8 years, I was involved in building several physical and virtual experiences.

It is through Google I/O's that I was first exposed to the field of user experience. While working as a freelance designer on graphic designs, I realized that User Experience Design is something I genuinely love to do in my life. So, I pursued my passion for UX Design and took a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction.

Apart from design, I am interested in exploring new ideas, photography, cooking (mostly indian cuisine), playing volleyball, and I am a COFFEE person.

I am currently searching for an internship where I can work with great people on inspiring projects.
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